Smhart Solutions | People, Places and Their Things

Smhart Solutions offers organizing solutions for your home, your business and your life, showing you how to get organized and stayorganized.

Smhart Solutions will create a system that works for your needs today and going forward, using simple principles like:

  • A place for everything and everything in its place
  • OHIO … Only Handle It Once
  • Don’t just put it down, put it away
  • Organizing is not an act — it’s a way of life
  • Work with what you’ve got — the reduce, reuse, recycle theory.

It’s important to understand that organizing isn’t about cleaning. Becoming organized involves eliminating what you don’t need and what’s not really important to you and developing systems to allow you to focus on what really is important to you. It’s practical to work with what you have. Most people only use 20% of their “stuff,” leaving 80% that can be be reduced, reused or recycled.

Founder Suzy M. Hart believes that there is more than one way to accomplish any objective. She will get to know you — your ideas, likes, dislikes, habits, background, goals and expectations — and create an individualized plan to fit your needs.

No job is too big or too small. We offer a wide variety of services for every situation.

Contact us for a personalized consultation.