Move Management

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events. It ranks right up there with the death of a loved one, divorce, and job loss. Often, moving happens because of those other stressors, which makes it that much more stressful.

One of the reasons moving is so stressful is that people don’t do it often enough to be good at it. As a result, details fall through the cracks, causing frustration and which might even delay the move. While some steps are apparent — packing, having your mail forwarded, making sure you have utilities at the new home — there are some steps you may never consider.

Everything about your move — from the planning and packing to moving day and unpacking — will run more smoothly if you have a partner who has the experience and know-how to take charge of all the details.

Some of the things a professional move manager will assist with include (but not limited to):

  • creating a floor plan so you can decide what furniture and belongs to bring to your new home
  • helping you prioritize to determine what is most important, so you declutter your home with less stress
  • making arrangements for an estate sale, an auction, consignment, or donations to help you rehome or dispose of the things you are not bringing with you
  • arranging to have your belongings packed, arranging for a moving company, and overseeing the loading and unloading of the truck on moving day
  • arranging to have your belongings unpacked in your new home, so you don’t have to live with boxes any longer than necessary
  • taking care of all of the details, so nothing falls between the cracks

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Smhart Solutions Move Management