When I was moving after living in my condo for almost 20 years, the task of packing was overwhelming. I’m retired and have a bad back which didn’t help the situation. I have a lot of collectibles, as well as a full array of kitchen stuff with enough dishes and pots and pans to make one think I’m a gourmet cook (I’m not). A friend suggested that I contact Suzy and I’m so glad I did. Her packing was meticulous and not one of the many delicate items was broken. I’d suggest that anyone who has to make a move utilize Suzy’s expertise! I can’t thank her enough.

— Kathy

After years driving myself and my family crazy with constantly misplacing my keys/glasses/cell phone, ect., missing doctors appointments, and spending more money than I would care to think about at the Container Store, I called Smhart Solutions for help. Suzy is amazing. She really listened to me and came up with creative solutions to match my personality and particular needs. The stress level in my house has dropped dramatically. Although it is easy to keep up with Suzy’s systems, I keep her on speed dial just in case!

— Susan S, Buffalo Grove, IL

I cannot think of a more aptly named business than Smhart Solutions. I am a busy mom and run a growing home-based business. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with a natural ability for organization. I contacted Smart Solutions when I realized my lack of organization was eating into my bottom line. Suzy evaluated my office systems, taking into my personal areas of strengths and weaknesses into account, and implemented her infamous “think outside the box” solutions. What a difference! Business has increased and I get more accomplished in less time.

— Jeanette H, Highland Park, IL

I recently hired Smhart Solutions to handle a difficult situation, during the last few weeks of our mother’s life. Suzy organized and orchestrated a move on short notice and her handling of it was professional, efficient, and thorough. Throughout it all, she was kind and accommodating. She went above and beyond, handling this from start to finish without needing our involvement — allowing us to focus our energy and time where it was most important. She took care of everything and when we walked into the new “digs”, it looked nicer than we had imagined. She is also handling the organization and implementation of appraisals, staging, and estate sales related to the sale of our family home which contains 50 years’ worth of “stuff”. We are grateful to have her orchestrating this and feel confident relying on her experience and insight to get this done. It has been a delight working with Suzy. I trust her implicitly and would highly recommend her to anyone.

— Linda K, Lincolnwood, IL

Dear Suzy,

You were an enormous help to me, my mom, and family. My brothers saw the kindness you should to Mom and were impressed with your organization and work ethic.My mom gave you her highest praise. She said you were precise and hard working. You will not be surprised to learn she doesn’t give compliments easily 🙂 Thanks, again

— Lisanne, Jim & Sam

I just wanted to share an amazing feeling I had last week. I was out for the day when, at 2:00 pm, I learned that I was going to have company for dinner. I stopped at the store to pick up some groceries and got home at 4:30. I quickly put together a lovely meal and eight family members showed up at my house at 6:00 pm for dinner. After they left, I realized what an amazing experience it had been. I had not had to worry for even ONE second about putting my house in order for company. I focused the whole time on preparing food because the house was ALREADY in ORDER!! Normally, I’d have been in a panic about having people over and having to clean the house. I have been enjoying that thought for four days. Thanks for helping me be able to have that feeling forever!!

— Sarajoy

I was in desperate need of assistance organizing an entire house that was in disarray. I had a little over a month to eliminate clutter and prepare for a move out of state. Suzy, of Smhart Solutions has been a blessing to me. She met with me one day after I called her, developed a plan of action, and began implementing the plan immediately. As I tell everyone, Suzy can do more work in one hour than I can do in eight. True Statement. I whole-heartedly recommend Suzy of Smhart Solutions.

— Jill L

Suzy Hart has always delivered well thought out strategic solutions to our business challenges and is always willing to lend a helping hand to execute the plan.

— Jane P, Geneva, IL